Hedge cutting in Pembury

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Golden Yew topiary cutting in Pembury

Hedge trimming

This is our speciality! John loves to trim a hedge tight and straight, keeping your hedges looking dense and perfect year after year. We offer a choice of either ‘fancy’ or ‘fast’ hedge trimming depending on your requirements. We also offer hedge reduction, removal, and planting.

Garden tidy in Pembury

Garden tidy

Is your garden looking untidy? Our complete garden tidy will fix that. We can weed, mulch, trim, prune, mow, strim, pressure wash and tidy leaves in your garden and remove all the waste in one big hit to get your green space back on track!

Leaf clearance in Pembury

Leaf clearance

Trees are great, but are you fed up with raking up leaves all the time? Whether you need one quick visit to tidy up before spring or repeat visits throughout autumn, we have the skills and equipment to get the job done fast!

Weeding and border maintenance in Lamberhurst

Weeding and Pruning

Fed up with gardeners pulling up the wrong plants? We know what’s what in your borders and can provide ad-hoc weeding, or for regular visits we can recommend one of our esteemed colleagues based on your budget and requirements. Contact us to find out more.

Freshly completed border mulching in Pembury

Border Mulching

A good garden needs well defined edges. Accentuating your plants and defining your borders with a good layer of mulch really makes them ‘pop’, with the added benefits of feeding your plants, improved moisture retention, and reduced future maintenance cost.

Lawn mowing in Paddock Wood

Lawn Mowing

We can mow stripes into your lawn every fortnight and trim the edges to keep your garden looking crisp in all seasons. With our attention to detail and top of the range roller mowers, we’ll make your neighbours jealous. Contact us today to find out if we offer mowing in your area.

Garden clearance in Pembury

Garden Clearance

Has your garden passed it’s best? If you want to start over with a blank canvas but currently have a jungle, we can help.

Grass cutting in Lamberhurst


Is your lawn lacking lustre? We can give you a fresh start with carefully laid premium turf.

Pressure washing in Pembury

Pressure Washing

Grey, grimy patio or path getting you down? Ask us about our pressure washing service.

Oak tree cutting in Pembury

Tree Surgery

J. Wallwork & Co. are well experienced in pruning and removing trees. We carry out a free Tree Preservation Order check before carrying out work so you know everything’s above board. With a diploma in forestry and arboriculture, we’re a solid choice to formatively prune, dead wood, reduce, crown raise, or maintain small to medium sized trees, or to fell trees of any size. For jobs outside our scope, we can work with a specially selected colleague to give you the result you want, or we can recommend suitable local businesses based on your requirements.